Cabesan is a family-owned agricultural company specialized in the sustainable production of high quality fruits.

Our History

We’re grateful to be able to live and work here, and we are proud to see how, season after season, our land is adorned with tasty fruits that reflect each of the seasons.  From the tender avocados of spring to the fragrant citrus fruits of winter, not to mention all the varieties of fruits that comes between summer and autumn.

We’ve been producing food since 1996 in the beautiful valley of Pedralba, in the Spanish region of Valencia, where the passion for agriculture has been traditionally passed from father to son, passing on experiences and wisdom, generation after generation.

Cabesan is currently run by the fourth generation of the family and continues to bring freshness and new ideas to this vital sector.  Since 2020 we have transformed our organic farm to respect the concept of sustainability which is undoubtedly a fundamental step to consolidate our way of understanding agricultural production.  It also allows us to produce healthy and tasty fruits with the utmost respect for the environment.


In La Salada, we produce a kilo of avocados with 80% less water than in other producing areas of the world.

The Pedralba orchards were one of the first agricultural areas in Spain to adopt a community drip irrigation system in the 1980s, and today we are leaders in the use of water saving techniques, as well as the use of photovoltaic energy systems to make irrigation systems more sustainable and efficient.

 Water is the most precious resource on our planet and that’s why, at Cabesan, we make very efficient use of it. Consequently, our team has managed to become a model in sustainability thanks to the introduction of various techniques in our farm La Salada.

Our farm, a model in sustainability

We reuse treated water to irrigate our avocado, mango, passion fruit, citrus and carob trees.

In addition, we have a natural reservoir for the collection of rainwater, which has generated an ecosystem inhabited by aquatic birds and provides water sustenance for the surrounding fauna.

In our irrigation ponds, we cultivate Lemna gibba, an aquatic plant that prevents evaporation losses and captures atmospheric nitrogen through symbiosis. It also functions as a fertilizer for our crops.

Our philosophy is simple: Passion for agriculture! … The heart of our brand defines us and speaks for us. We love our work, it fills us and we live it with great intensity, these are our main ingredients.

Visit our farm

In our farm La Salada, in the valley of Pedralba in Valencia (Spain), we work every day respecting and taking care of our trees and our crops. We work the land whilst appreciating it, following a demanding ethical and environmental criteria. If you want to come and see us, we’d be delighted to show what we do.